Crips, Bloods Ditch Colors In Stand Against Party Politics

LOS ANGELES, CA–In a year headlined by the political divide, many reached their breaking point long ago. Last week an agreement was struck between Bloods and Crips to ditch their colors in a gesture intended to bind Americans together and de-politicize gang activity. Consensus surrounding the landmark decision was that of approval and understanding from both organizations.

“A house divided cannot stand,” declared Raymond Torres, echoing Abraham Lincoln’s famous words. “I’ve been a Crip ever since I can remember. I bleed blue. Fucking blue bandanas, blue jeans, blueberries, Dodgers blue, Blue Man Group, you know how it is. But I can’t ignore the political implications anymore,” he continued. “We’re not about that divisiveness. It was never about that.”

“Used to be red and blue represented who you hate. Not because of their politics, or what they believe in, or none of that shit. You just hated them because they wore those colors,” Blood gang member Mike Telfair explained. “It was simpler times, but the times change for a reason. I didn’t want nobody thinking I was Republican or some shit like that. Plus, low key, I always thought blue was a nice color on me. You won’t use my name, right?” Mike continued anonymously.