Tucker Carlson Denounces ‘Racist’ Vikings’ 10th Century Enslavement Of Europeans

WASHINGTON D.C.–Forever and always the man of the people, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has come out ahead of contemporary social justice warriors, being the first to denounce 10th century slavery under Viking rule in Europe. “Despicable. How could one witness the humanity in those fair-skinned Anglo-Saxons, those olive-toned Romans, and other off-white varieties of man, and think it would be okay to enslave and humiliate them,” an astonished Carlson conveyed. “It’s without a doubt the most disgusting and shocking example of racism in history. I feel sick to my stomach.”

Following Carlson’s lead, other Fox News hosts were quick to join in on the chastisement. Sean Hannity railed into slavery, calling it “wrong in this case,” followed by Laura Ingraham’s declaration to “agree with Sean and Tucker.” As a whole, Fox sent a clear message that racism will absolutely not be tolerated, a sentiment that surely was echoed from the top down of the news organization.

The acknowledgment was an overwhelming relief to the ancestors of victims from the viking slave trade. None were reached for comment.

And speaking of no comment, CNN has yet to denounce Viking 10th century enslavement of Europeans. Yet another calculated maneuver from the liberal media to ignore racism and injustice.