Leftist, Socialist Whistleblower Confirms Link Between Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON D.C.–In yet another bombshell piece of evidence against the Dems, a Clinton-era White House tour guide, R#bert G%rcia (full name will remain confidential), verified the long-rumored connection between Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

“Yeah, I mean I saw them together many times. Sometimes they talk. Sometimes they laugh. They eat honeydew, drink water, take walks even. One time Bill glared at me for looking at Hillary’s ass, but I was actually looking at Al Gore’s ass,” G%rcia explained on Final Thoughts with Tomi Lahren, appearing to not understand the gravity of his revelation. “I used to start tours with something along the lines of ‘Welcome to the White House. It’s not just the president’s house, it’s America’s house!”

Lahren couldn’t contain her excitement, cutting off G%rcia’s rant to declare decisively to her audience, “This proven link between Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton confirms the existence of pedophilia in America.” Lahren had uncovered what might be the key to winning the war on Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights. It was already another textbook pwn of the Libs, but the most damning part was yet to be revealed.

“You know they’re married, right?” G%rcia finished, rendering Lahren and her viewers speechless.