All Panda Express Locations Shutter Overnight As Eviction Moratorium Ends

ROSEMEAD, CA–Tenants around the country were sent into a panic on Thursday following President Joe Biden’s decision to let the United States’ eviction moratorium expire. With so many battling joblessness and debt, there is great uncertainty surrounding the days ahead, and people are left to wonder why the White House has left them scrambling.

Among the victims of this decision, beloved Chinese fast food chain, Panda Express. Overnight, all 2,200 Panda Express locations closed up shop. Representatives of the franchise have not made themselves available for comment, but many fans of the chain have expressed their feelings regarding the blindsiding decision. “The orange chicken was world-class. I’ll never get that feeling back,” Rosemead native Garrett Crowe exclaimed in awe. “How was I to know that Beijing beef I had for lunch yesterday would be my last? Really makes you think about how short lunch is.”

Other fans have taken to more proactive approaches, including Uriel Macias, an Albuquerque resident running the “Panda-monium” GoFundMe page in an attempt to raise enough money to bring back his local Panda Express. “I just want those fortune cookies back, man. I’ve made so many big decisions because of the confidence those fortunes gave me,” Macias reminisced. “I wasn’t going to propose to my wife until my fortune cookie laid it on me straight.”

This is surely the biggest casualty of the ordeal thus far. Many fear Hot Topic and Boston Market could be the next to go.