‘Rugrats’ Prequel Coming To Pornhub This Fall

MONTREAL, CANADA–Pornhub’s streaming platform announced a huge addition to their Fall lineup on Monday; a prequel series to the beloved Nickelodeon classic, Rugrats. Up against established Pornhub titles, like My Step-Mom Is Hot and its spin-off, My Step-Sister Is Hotter, the untitled prequel expects to hold its own in the ratings rat race.

“The idea is that the kids who watched Rugrats back in the day grew up, and now they’re looking for more Rugrats content. And they’re horny,” explained Schlong Grande, a former actor and the showrunner for this new series. “I was one of those kids. I always thought I’d like to give it to Didi Pickles. You know? Show her my pickle while Stu watches,” Schlong continued in an unexpectedly candid reveal.

The cast and storylines are yet to be revealed, but we do know the series will focus on the reproductive processes that went into creating each of the rugrats. Themes of infidelity and blended family dynamics have also been rumored.