Deactivated Coors Light Can Reveals Power Outage

WICHITA, KS–On a hot summer day, refreshing Coors Light was all roommates Julio and Nate needed to get by. With temperatures soaring into the triple digits and humidity in excess of 80%, anything colder than lukewarm would do the trick — and that’s all they’d get.

As Nate arrived at the fridge for his sixth beer, he noticed something off. The can’s mountains were silver. Coors Light cans are cold-activated, featuring blue mountains when the beer is as cold as the Rockies. Transitioning into sleuth mode, Nate jabbed the can with his car key and shotgunned it. When the dust settled, his suspicions were confirmed: room temperature beer.

Puzzled, Nate summoned Julio to try the beer for himself. After performing his own diagnostics, Julio verified Nate’s claim. It was at that point that Julio noticed that the refrigerator was not running. The television was also off — and all the lights. It was nighttime and nearly pitch-black in the house. They were hammered. Julio and Nate had a power outage.