Woman Passably Using Made Up Word ‘Zyqux’ In Conversation Before Upcoming Scrabble Game

SAINT PAUL, MN–Chelsea Larson (29) can never seem to win at game night with her friends every second Saturday of the month. Whether it be Chess, Poker, Mouse Trap, Parcheesi, or even Settlers oF Catan, she could not buy a victory if she tried. This Saturday’s game is set to be Scrabble, which has never been her thing, although Chelsea majored in English during college.

Growing tired of the razzing she receives as the “lovable loser” of the group, Chelsea devised a plan to win. Combining Z, Y, Q, U, X, Chelsea invented ‘zyqux,’ a new word worth 33 Scrabble points. Its definition is vague, described as “it’s something of an adjective. Just means like ‘cool,’ or ‘good,’ or, like, ‘that is correct'”, she explained.

Since Monday, Chelsea has sought moments to sprinkle the word into conversations with each of her friends to plant the seeds for it being a real word come Saturday night. It’s barely passable, but she believes people are starting to buy it. “They kinda make a scrunchy face when I say ‘zyqux,’ and sometimes I forget if it’s an adjective or a noun or whatever so that screws with them. Still, I think they’re too afraid to question it out of fear of looking stupid when I say it’s a real word. After all, I was an English major, so it’s my word against theirs,” Chelsea speculated.

In an ideal scenario, Chelsea plans to play ‘zyqux’ on a triple word score tile, but she’ll settle for a double word score tile if that’s all she can manage. There is no word on what Chelsea’s strategy will become should she not draw all of the necessary letters.