Bowling For Soup Discloses ‘1985’ Was Inspired By Chicago Bears Fans

DALLAS, TX–Speaking backstage with Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick, he openly discussed the creative process that went into writing and creating “1985”, the group’s biggest hit to date. Amid talks of glam rock, big hair, Ronald Reagan, The Cosby Show, John Hughes movies, and other 80’s nostalgia, one inspiration stood out among the rest: The Chicago Bears football team. Or more specifically, their fan base.

“There’s a certain sadness the song portrays. It’s nostalgic, and we’re happy about what was, but it’s clear the protagonist of the song can’t move on in life. She’s still preoccupied with 1985, because life has never been as good,” Reddick candidly revealed. “She’s clearly a Bears fan. The 1985 Bears were something else, but it will never be that good again for Bears fans.”

Reddick went on to describe the same sad state of mind every Chicago Bears fan shares. Over the years, he has encountered many of them, and the experiences mirrored one another. “All Bears fans do is talk about how great they used to be. They put Mike Ditka on a pedestal, because they’ve got nothing else. It’s ‘1985 this’, ‘1985 that’. Well, I’m just like ‘what’s the team look like this year?’ And a sour look comes over their faces.”