Fresno Residents Fear Virus Spike With Impending Labor Day Tourism

FRESNO, CA–Nestled in the heart of California’s Central Valley, the city of Fresno anticipates its usual outpouring of tourists during the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend. With numerous activities to choose from, including everything from drinking to looking at farmland, preventing people from coming to Fresno will be impossible.

Of course, the primary concern for Fresno residents is the rapidly spreading Delta variant of COVID-19. With hospitals around the country seeing their capacities tested, the concerns are increasingly valid. Like New Orleans, Sturgis motorcycle rally, and megachurches before it, Labor Day weekend in Fresno threatens to be the next “superspreader” event.

“You know, of course Fresno is where the people will flock to. It’s what people think about when they think about California. It’s Fresno every time,” Mayor Jerry Dyer explained. His office has been working tirelessly in preparation for the onslaught of visitors. “Why would someone want to go to San Francisco? Or Los Angeles? Or San Diego? If you’re coming to California, then chances are that Fresno is your destination. That’s why we’re screwed — you will never keep the people from visiting Fresno.”