Results Driven, Social Media Savvy Rock Star Passionate About Customer Service With 10 Years Experience Seeks Entry-Level Role

ANYWHERE, USA–When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there were professional casualties left and right. Lenny Lieberman and his rock band, Working Without Class, were among the casualties. The pandemic sent all live performances to a screeching halt. Lenny was left with no choice, he needed to get a new job.

When dusting off his old resume and firing up the job search, Lenny thought fate was in his favor. Nearly every employment opportunity posted online sought his exact qualifications. By all means, Lenny could tell that he was the perfect candidate — a rock star with years of relevant experience under his belt. Unfortunately for Lenny, these perfect jobs were too good to be true. After more than a year of applying to various positions, Lenny is yet to receive an interview invite.

“Yeah, all the jobs say they want a rock star. Well, I’m in a rock band. They’re looking for someone with social media experience and a passion for customer experience. I always used to tweet about our upcoming shows and made sure every customer had a banging time,” a bewildered Lenny explained. Time and rejection has made him lose faith in the system as a whole. “I’m exactly what they’re looking. I’ve been a rock star for at least a decade. Why don’t they want me?”

While he has long sought an entry-level position, Lenny is willing to entertain internship opportunities if it means he can afford rent again one day.