California Voters Can’t Recall Newsom, But It Does Sound Familiar

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA–All throughout California a debate rages regarding the future of Governor Gavin Newsom. What started as a small movement outside of Walmarts and chain restaurants, eventually snowballed into a legitimized recall election. Now, it’s up to California voters to decide Newsom’s fate, but some are yet to make up their minds.

“Everywhere I go I see ‘recall Newsom’ this ‘recall Newsom’ that. There’s signs everywhere, but I straight up cannot recall what Newsom is,” said Huntington Beach resident, Trevor Wilkes. We caught up with him post-game after a morning surf. “I’m just over here, looking for my next wave, looking toward the future, and everywhere people are asking me to recall something I don’t think I ever even knew to begin with. How can you remember something you don’t know?”

But Trevor isn’t alone in his concerns. Fellow Huntington Beach native and local Penny board legend, Tyler Bond, is also having trouble remembering Newsom. “Is it a band? Is it a brand of crackers? Is it an old TV show? It sounds kinda familiar, but, like, I’m over this nostalgia shit. Why should I recall this rando crap when I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast last month?” Bond has been vocal about the debate, although he’s still undecided as to which side he stands with.

The debate expects to remain heated right up until the September 14th election date. A lot is up in the air, but one thing is certain: Gavin Newsom is a governor, not a brand of crackers.