Record Store Clerk Berates Woman For Suggesting ‘Stacy’s Mom’ Is A Blink-182 Song

MADISON, WI–Matias Guerrero does not mess around when it comes to his passion for music. He doesn’t make music or play a musical instrument, but Matias lives in homage to the gods of rock, whose influence made him into the semi-functioning adult he is today. Chief among his influences is Fountains of Wayne, whose 2003 smash hit “Stacy’s Mom” got him through some really dark times.

“My first love broke up with me. My test scores were slipping, and I had to repeat 8th grade. I had a root canal. Mom stopped putting Gushers in my lunch and went through a Fruit by the Foot phase. It was awful,” Matias recalled of a tumultuous 2003. “The only thing that was there to comfort me through 2003 was Fountains of Wayne. ‘Stacy’s Mom’ perfectly encapsulated exactly what I was going through at the time.”

Imagine Matias’ frustration when an ignorant customer entered his store and disrespected one of the things he holds most sacred. “All I did was ask which Blink-182 album had ‘Stacy’s Mom’ on it, and he flipped a bitch,” customer Stacy Houston recounted. “I’m not even a fan of Blink-182. I just thought it’d be funny to get ‘Stacy’s Mom’ on vinyl for my mom’s birthday.”

But Matias found nothing funny about the inquisition. He spiraled into a spitting rage, flinging records and yelling about how terrible 2003 was, a tantrum which snowballed into a complete shutdown of the store when Stacy demanded Matias name five Fountains of Wayne songs — a request he was unable to fulfill.