Terrifying New Halloween Maze Takes Participants Through American Healthcare System

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA–There’s always news scares when Universal Studios Hollywood’s annual Halloween Horror Nights returns and 2021 is no exception. This year’s debut attractions are headlined by a horrifying new maze called The American Healthcare System.

The maze will take participants through every layer of the typical American healthcare system experience. First, participants are either hit by a drunk driver or shot as part of a political dispute. This emergency scenario is followed by a rush to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. Next, a seemingly pleasant rehabilitation turns nightmarish when the first hospital bill arrives. For the final part of the maze, you’ll have to dispute with health insurance providers to avoid paying any more money out of pocket, or risk being broke for the rest of your life.

“That’s the scariest maze I have ever seen. I got shot in the knee, and before I knew it, I owed like $93,000, and my insurance company won’t cover anything,” explained Desmond Webb, a local events influencer based out of Los Angeles. “The hospital charged me $406 to use the bathroom. It’s so spooky! You get a free lollipop at the end, too. That maze is an absolute must for any horror fans.”