‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’ Declares Man Generously Donating His Incomplete Candyland Set To Children’s Hospital

TACOMA, WA–Franklin Ferguson is a hard-working, 9-5 grinder with barely enough time for himself most days. But that doesn’t stop him from taking the time to extend his generosity to the sick kids at the Sea-Tac Children’s Hospital. Franklin Ferguson is a man of his principles, and one of those principles is charity — the other principle is getting rid of his useless stuff.

“I was throwing out a bunch of crap, and I stopped on this old Candyland set I had. It was missing most of the pieces, and there was a wine stain across half the board, but I was thinking ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,'” Franklin recounted about his decision to donate the board game. “Regular people probably wouldn’t want it, but I think sick kids should just take what they can get. You know, beggars can’t be choosers.”

The board game was rejected by donation organizers, citing it as “unusable” due to the missing pieces. They asked Franklin if he had anything else to offer, and he angrily threw the suggestion back in their faces, calling the organizers “ungrateful” as he stormed out. Nonetheless, Franklin is feeling an enormous sense of well-being thanks to his generous act. “It’s also a tax write-off.”