Cramming For Dentist Visit Ends In Bloodshed, Follow-Up Appointment For Root Canal

LITTLE ROCK, AR–Lester Harris leads a busy lifestyle, and sometimes he lets certain responsibilities fall through the cracks. One such obligation is his dental hygiene. Most days, Lester only finds the time to brush his teeth once, and he has failed to floss in over six years — and even then, it was a one-off occasion. Now with pain emanating from several areas of his mouth, he knew it was time to face the music and make an appointment with his old dentist, Dr. Givens.

In preparation for the big day, Lester understood that he had some catching up to do. “I didn’t want Dr. Givens to know I haven’t flossed in six years, so I thought I could do some cramming by flossing extra the morning before my appointment,” explained Lester of his plan to disguise his poor dental hygiene. Unfortunately for him, his mouth was unprepared for the flossing onslaught he would carry out. “A few seconds into flossing, and I was already starting to bleed out. I pressed on, though, because that’s what being an adult is about.”

When Lester finally arrived for his appointment, his mouth was still bleeding heavily, which had, in turn, dripped down onto his shirt. “It was a dark blue shirt, so I didn’t think anyone would notice,” he mistakenly thought. Dr. Givens immediately put Lester on an emergency mouth rinsing regimen until the blood flow reached a more manageable level. Upon further inspection, not only did Lester have gingivitis, but he had developed seven cavities, six of which would require emergency root canals later that week.

“You can’t see that much blood and not be changed by it,” reflected Lester, vowing never to floss again.