Tim Burton Erroneously Declares ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ A Thanksgiving Movie

LOS ANGELES, CA–While sitting down to discuss upcoming plans for the long-awaited Beetlejuice sequel, Beetlejuice 2, Tim Burton felt the itch to get something off his chest. He doesn’t like Halloween. In fact, the only thing Tim hates more than Halloween is the public’s perceived notion that he makes Halloween movies.

“It’s baffling because why would I ever make a Halloween film? My style is much more suited to an Easter or Fourth of July type of story. I wish the Halloween reputation didn’t make me as angry as it does, but I’m just not seeing it,” Burton vented, clearly not amused by his public persona. Tim became further agitated when pressed with specific examples, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, which features a song titled, ‘This Is Halloween’. “You think that was about Halloween? Goddamn, you are morons. Really? That movie is clearly about the period of time between Halloween and Christmas, ergo Thanksgiving.”

Tim’s responses grew increasingly irritated as he fielded inquiries regarding other purported Halloween movies of his, such as Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and Sleepy Hollow. “I used to get all the crappy Halloween candy when I was a kid. Candy Corn out the ass. It was horrific. I’ve always hated Halloween because of that, and the people know that. They’re the ones who want Halloween movies, so they look for reasons that don’t exist to claim I’m obsessed with Halloween. It’s all projection.”

Burton abruptly cut off all Halloween questions, pivoting to discuss Beetlejuice 2. “The sequel takes place after the original.”