Seemingly Average Woman Secretly Shares A Birthday With Trey Songz

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO–Never judge a book by its cover. It’s a phrase we’ve heard echoed throughout our lives, though most of us don’t reflect on its meaning often enough. Emily Eckersley is here to change that. All her life, everyone treated Emily as just another average girl. A rando who does nothing and knows nobody famous and wears unappealing scrunchies. Heck, Emily even thought all that about herself. That is, until November 28th.

“Well, today was my birthday. Just like any other year, I thought. November 28th. Sometimes my birthday lands on Thanksgiving, but if anything, that only makes me less special on my own day. People get caught up with celebrating the turkey, and they kinda forget about me,” Emily candidly shared. Thankfully, this year her birthday landed on a Sunday. Emily wanted to schedule a brunch with some friends, but they preferred to watch football, so she rescheduled the celebration for dinnertime. When everyone arrived, things started as normal as ever. The group split off into smaller conversations and Emily struggled to get a word in anywhere.

Then, the evening took an unexpected turn. Emily’s cousin, Alice, saw something on Twitter: a birthday post for Trey Songz, the talented singer, and actor. That meant Emily shares the same birthday as Trey Songz. The information quickly spread around the group, and everyone came away with a brand new perspective of Emily.

“I’ve known Emily since kindergarten, but I never thought she was anything special. When she came in third place in the fourth-grade spelling bee, I legitimately thought that would be the most significant thing she’d ever do with her life. But, Trey Songz? I’m actually impressed,” revealed Emily’s best friend, Dani. “Would it be totally lame if I asked for her autograph? I’m kinda starstruck. I know all of Trey’s songs.”

“But, I-I’m just Emily, I can’t have the same b-birthday as Tr-Trey Songz,” stuttered Emily, absolutely stunned upon receiving the news. Everyone gathered around her, snapping pictures of the new celebrity for their Instagram and Twitter followings. Then Emily snapped out of her trance and into a hot pose, fully embracing her new credentials. “I’m so much better than Colorado Springs.”