‘Is That Your Leg?’ Asks Woman Repeatedly Kicking Boyfriend’s Shin Under The Table

SAN JOSE, CA–Mindy Cabrera has been described as an exceptionally perceptive person by some of her peers. She can always tell you what time of day it is, even without a clock. She’ll know if you’re feeling down or are acting bothered in any way, and legend has it she learned to speak semi-fluent French during a trip to France simply by listening to locals converse for ten minutes. It’s a virtual super-power, and Mindy’s abilities materialize in mysterious new ways all the time.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Mindy has learned the hard way that she must use her perceptive ability for good, even when it might not be convenient or popular to do so. This has led to many dicey situations and several intense confrontations. Mindy has never been able to discern when her powers are needed and when they’re just redundant. This makes Mindy annoying because she blurts out every single observation that pops into her head. As a result, she’s never been able to hold down a relationship for more than a few months.

Mindy has been dating her current boyfriend, Daniel, for three months now. That makes this the longest relationship she’s been in since high school — before she discovered her powers. Mindy is painfully aware of this fact, making her paranoid ahead of her three-month anniversary dinner. Ideally, she wouldn’t observe anything out of the ordinary, allowing the date to go off without a hitch. But, should Mindy’s senses activate, a tough decision awaits regarding whether to act on it or leave it be.

The dinner started great. Daniel updated Mindy about his week at work as a prison guard, and the two reminisced about their first date at the USA-Mexico border. Sometime after appetizers, Mindy noticed something off about Daniel. His face kept wincing in pain. Did he have to pee? Is he nursing an injury after getting into another fight at work? Mindy refrained from intervening for as long as she could, but at a point, curiosity got the better of her. “You look distressed. Do you have to pee? Why are you making that face?” Daniel forced a smile and politely shook his head, but Mindy wasn’t satisfied. She could sense Daniel was in pain, possibly grave danger. They stared into each other’s eyes for several beats until Daniel finally yelped out, “Ow! Stop!” Now, Mindy knew something was probably out of the ordinary. She perceived that her leg anxiously kicking back and forth under the table was making contact with something. “Is that your leg?” Mindy questioned. “Yes, please stop kicking me,” Daniel replied.

In the end, Mindy was glad she intervened. Daniel’s pain would have persisted throughout the evening had she not saved the day. Unfortunately, Mindy did not perceive that Daniel would break up with her a week later.