Joe Rogan Threatens To Pull Out From Spotify If They Don’t Remove Alex Jones From His Living Room

AUSTIN, TX–Spotify finds itself firmly at the center of a controversy-crossroad. In protest of the misinformation perpetuated by The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, rock legend Neil Young officially pulled his music from the platform following an ultimatum earlier this week. Joni Mitchell and several other artists have followed suit, urging Spotify to pull Rogan’s podcast or risk losing more music from their streaming library. Thus far, Spotify has stuck by the controversial podcast, which they paid more than $100 million for in 2020.

Until now, Rogan remained mostly mum on the topic, but on Friday night he reached out to Spotify with an ultimatum of his own. “Remove Alex Jones from my living room, or I’m pulling the Joe Rogan experience!” Rogan was heard screeching in a recorded phone call to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. Alex Jones had reportedly broken into Rogan’s Austin residence earlier in the day and was refusing to leave for unknown reasons. 

“He keeps murmuring about 1995 Oklahoma City and Chobani Yogurt. Normally fear is not a factor for me, but I am right now very stoned and very scared for my life,” a distressed Rogan relayed to Ek. After more than a two-hour-long standoff, Alex Jones fell asleep on the couch, enabling Rogan to slip away to his isolation tank for a meditation. What he found was urine-infested waters inside of his flotation chamber. Rogan marched right out to Jones, woke him up, and pressed the provocateur for answers. “I’ve demanded to know if Alex pissed in my isolation tank. He’s been in my house alone for god knows how long, and I’m certain he did it. The fucking idiot keeps pleading the fifth. I have no idea what he wants or why he’s here.” 

That was the last time Ek or anyone else has heard from Joe. The phone call abruptly hung up, and to this point, a resolution has yet to be identified.