Grandma Reveals Your Sister Is Your Mom In Disturbingly Honest ‘Truth Is’ Facebook Post

BRIDGEPORT, CT–While visiting their sweet grandmother, Ruth, over the weekend, Ben and McKayla thought it might be a good idea to catch her up on the technology of the 21st century. With both siblings living out of state these days, it’s not often they make it back to Connecticut to see grandma Ruth. Getting her familiar with social media seemed like the best way for her to keep up with her grandchildren’s busy lives.

Facebook seemed like the natural fit for Ruth. The interface was easy enough to understand and many of Ruth’s contemporaries were already on the platform. So, Ben and McKayla spent several hours getting their grandmother set up with a profile. They found pages she was interested in following, like a Jerry Lewis fan page and one for Woody Allen movie discussions, and they spent a long time tracking down Ruth’s family and friends. Many of them are dead, but Ruth was delighted to reconnect with the ones who made it. All in all, she took to Facebook in no time at all.

When Ben and McKayla’s weekend at Grandma’s house came to an end, they felt positive about her newfound connectivity with the world. She’d found herself in a few online skirmishes, and some outdated observations were made, but the siblings felt confident she now understood proper online etiquette. They also promised to upload photos every once in a while so Ruth could see what they get up to in life, even though Ben and McKayla had largely stopped using Facebook several years ago.

About a week later, Ben figured that checking in on his grandma’s Facebook activity was a good idea. To his horror, Ruth had evidently discovered the old ‘truth is’ Facebook trend. “Like for a truth is. Ignore if you’re easily triggered,” read her three-day-old status update. The post generated over one-hundred likes, and from what Ben could see, Ruth had already answered every one of them — and in grand fashion.

Some of grandma Ruth’s truths were friendly and pleasant to read. “Truth is I miss you,” she wrote to cousin Nathaniel. But Ruth also didn’t shy away from sharing her negative sentiments. “Truth is having a baby out of wedlock is not a good look, Samantha.” Unfortunately, that was one of her more benign responses. Ruth’s racist, xenophobic, elitist, and prudish sides all came out in full force. “Truth is if you’d worked hard in life, maybe you wouldn’t be so poor, Cal.” The truth bombs went on and on, many too antiquated and offensive to even mention in this article.

Ben was particularly bothered by Ruth’s unearthing of classified family secrets — many of which he wasn’t even aware of. Particularly noteworthy was her post on McKayla’s timeline. “Truth is you should’ve aborted Ben if you couldn’t raise him. He’s not that great anyway. Pretending to be his sister all these years is tacky. You’ve wasted your mother’s best years.” Reading this bit mortified Ben to his core. His entire world was inside out.

After reading a few more of Grandma Ruth’s increasingly offensive posts, Ben deleted his Facebook account altogether and watched porn to get his mind off things.