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Florida Introduces New ‘Day In Life Of A Communist’ Scared Straight Program That Forces Participants To Wait In Line For Free Healthcare

TALLAHASSEE, FL–Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is an American. As an American, Ron must rid his state of any un-American threats. Chief among those threats is communism. Ron is well aware that liberals are working tirelessly to indoctrinate the country’s youth with communist ideals, like equality and free healthcare, so he takes the matter very seriously.  […]

Nobody Acknowledged On High School’s ‘Notable Alumni’ Page Graduated

MILWAUKEE, WI–Ryan Braun Memorial High School has earned a respected reputation in Milwaukee-area education. With an impressive cumulative GPA and standardized test scores well exceeding the state average, parents from all over the city are interested in getting their kids enrolled. Even with outstanding word-of-mouth advertising, it can be a lot to convince some that […]

Mother’s Day: Kris Jenner Sends Internet Into Frenzy With Throwback Photo Of Daughters

CALABASAS, CA–Kris Jenner just broke the Internet with a touching Mother’s Day tribute to her daughters Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the momager wrote, “Another tremendous mother’s day has me daydreaming about the girls who make this day so special.” The lengthy post addressed her gratitude for her children, […]

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