The Joe Rogan Experience Welcomes Taliban Leader Akhundzada To Discuss Afghan Kush

AUSTIN, TX–Next to join Joe Rogan’s increasingly diverse roster of guests was none other than Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban. With his organization at the center of various controversies, he and Joe met to discuss perhaps the most hot button of them all: the legalization of weed in Afghanistan.

“First off, thank you for having me on, Joe. I’m a big, big fan,” Akhundzada began to a blushing Rogan. “And I’ll follow that up with ‘no way’. No way would I legalize weed. Listen, Joe, I grew up on that Afghan Kush stuff. They used to have to pry that sticky icky from my fingers just to get me low. You know? But, like, no way. Legal weed is not my style.” And that was essentially where Akhundzada’s views remained for the remainder of the podcast, never budging an inch and even doubling down with an assertion that he believes offenders should be punished by death.

Rogan was not ready to accept these views without a rebuttal. “Man, I really appreciate you traveling all the way here. That said, I could not disagree with you more. Weed is love, man. It’s amazing, it’s UFC, it’s elk meat, it’s Texas, it’s fucking life” Rogan responded, entering into what would become a nearly half-hour rant about the positive effects of weed. “I honestly feel bad for you, bro. You’re so pent up and angry, and I swear on God, if you just smoked a joint and chilled out — you’d be seeing things differently. Clearly for the first time.”

Their positions stood firm for the duration of the show, ending when Joe escalated by taking DMT to illustrate his case for all drugs.