LinkedIn Influencer Spins Sexual Harassment Job Dismissal Into Inspirational Post About Being Your Own Boss

LOS ANGELES, CA–Devin Broussard is a business consulting maven, working at one of the country’s top firms for the better part of three years. Despite his incredibly busy work schedule, Devin has always made an effort to share his experience and impart his professional and philosophical knowledge. He’s built quite a professional following in the process. People meaningfully connect with his messaging, and Devin has accumulated more than 800 thousand LinkedIn followers and 2.1 million across all social platforms.

Devin never shies away from a learning experience, and his unexpected dismissal from his job on Friday was no exception. He was one of the firm’s best consultants, and his work never suffered. “That’s what really confused me about getting fired at first. It wasn’t anything to do with my performance,” Devin shared in his post. Though the reasoning soon became clear. “Then, I realize it’s about this chick, Claire. She’s the new intern in the office. I’ve just been checking in on her, telling her how pretty she is, calling her every night, and other professional courtesies like that.” Claire found his gestures less courteous and reported him to human resources. “They fired me for something called ‘sexual harassment,'” Devin deducted.

Admittedly, Devin was not happy about the news at first. He didn’t deny any of Claire’s allegations but failed to comprehend what he’d done wrong. After sulking it over for a few days, Devin started to form an entirely new perspective. “It was a blessing in disguise,” the post continued. “What I didn’t realize before all this, and what I was too scared to act on, was my core desire to be an entrepreneur. My middle name is entrepreneur. I hustle. I grind. I was born to call the shots.” Devin’s epiphany went on for several more paragraphs, featuring business concept ideas he has and a Dana Carvey quote. All in all, his words were very encouraging and readers were grateful for the insight.

Devin plans to open a rock n’ roll-themed tapas restaurant pending the outcome of his sexual assault charges.