‘Cindy-Lou, Who?’ Asks Guy With Cool Reputation Built Around Never Remembering Names

TACOMA, WA–Connor MacClery is one cool dude. Everyone knows it because everything Connor does oozes steez. That includes the style he wears his baseball cap with the bill slightly tilted to the side, and the way his phone always has unread text notifications, or how he always gets a B- on every single college assignment. Connor is calculated in every way, yet somehow never seems like he’s trying at all.

One of Connor’s signature cool moves is his apparent inability to remember anybody’s name. He’s just so popular and has so many friends — how could he possibly remember all the little people? It’s an affliction that people have come to understand about Connor. His best friend, Earl, no longer feels bad when Connor calls him “Alfie,” nor Connor’s mother when he calls her “what’s her face?” They respect that Connor is a well-respected man about town with things to do, people to see, and no time to dwell on every irrelevant detail, like names.

While on a ski trip with some friends, Connor and company cozied up in their weekend cabin for a festive viewing of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. About halfway through the film, Connor pointed at the film’s female lead and asked, “Cindy-Lou, who?” The unprompted remark stunned the entire room. Connor apparently remembered the character’s name. This was unprecedented. He’s so cool he can’t even remember his own name sometimes. “Yes, Connor, that’s Cindy-Lou Who,” replied Earl. “Who?” Connor quickly replied. An hour-long variation of the famous Who’s On First Abbott & Costello routine ensued. Once everyone realized Connor was asking her name, his cool points soared. He was saying her name without even knowing her name. This level of cool was unfathomable.

When the movie came to an end, Connor said goodnight to Earl, Allison, and Vanessa, announcing “goodnight Alfie, Fiona, and Shakira.” So cool.